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Q: "let's move our thoughts to the FA Cup Finals again. In such an important competition, we can score a key goal for a team that we dreamed of at childhood. Can you describe how it feels for us?"Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) after just two weeks, then once again suffered injuries. Ross Lys Berg's foot was injured in the team's 38-35 victory over the Oakland Raiders. According to the NFL official, he will be truce for several weeks, and may be able to wait until the eleventh week off week to return. Ross Lys Berg was caught in the fourth quarter, and his inadvertent foot injury left the field ahead of time. After the injury, his foot was not enough to bear any pressure, and the team immediately arranged for him to go to the hospital to check. He will receive an MRI test as soon as possible to determine the specific injury. before the departure, Ross Lys Berg completed the pass to advance 334 yards, took the 2 array, was cut 1 times. This season, the Steelers suffered injuries, running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) af cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ter the season, the Steelers only in the next few weeks on Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Delhi - four Janice M. Vidal Jones bench (Landry Jones).test performance this year camp Penn State outstanding player than Barkley (Saquon Barkley plug to a person). near end Mike - Gexiji (Mike Gesicki) is also relying on excellent data has attracted a lot of attention. He is 197cm in height and 114kg in weight. 40 yards sprint 4.54 seconds, the completion of the 22 vertical bench, jump height 105.41cm, standing long jump 327.66cm. According to the data of NFL Network comparison, Gexiji sprint performance better than Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) (4.57), Donald Payne scores strong bench (Donald Penn) (21), vertical jump over Odell Beckham, Goldman Sachs (Odell Beckham) (97.8cm), Calvin Johnson (height Calvin Johnson) (195.58cm). Gesiki had previously said that his speed would be faster than people's imagination, and he said, "everyone thinks I'm slow." Gexiji has been playing volleyball and basketball experience, he also said the two sports to help their football skills. "jumping seems to be my innate ability, and it will increase over time." Gesiki said, "I also try to use jumping ability to make up for the performance of my game."The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: Rodgers off the ball | football What does see this picture that you first recollection? It's not sure, but most of the cases are the wrapper Fumble. 09 years of the National League wild card race Cardinals VS packers is perhaps the most reluctant to match Rodgers I think, but if the front story is not brilliant light on the last drop the ball up front can be regarded as a classic? Aaron and Rodgers have been famous for their very low pass rate, but this was not the case at the beginning of the game. After just 18 seconds the packers first offensive, Rodgers in the defense of the Cardinals under pressure directly to the ball to the Cardinals cornerback Martin. The other is to kindly accept this gift, by running back the tower 1 yard line rushing touchdowns. Rodgers's fate has not ended, the second began to attack Rodgers's pass to the left side of the Driver, do not want to take the ball the instability, is a linebacker Dansby hit after the ball dropped out by the Cardinals Branch picked up off the ball!!! The only 2 - degree attack in the history of NFL has been started by Turnover. The Cardinals once again seize the opportunity, QB Warner pass to No. 80 Doucet 15 TD code, this is his 14-0 start of the game with 5 touchdowns. It is worth mentioning that the packaging cost has 14 points behind a season. The subsequent attack was captured by Berry in the face of 5 yards in the face of 3 gear. Fortunately, the packers defense group was awesome, the cardinals of the attack had to kick the ball ended, 17-0, are you not wrong, this is the first day of the game, before the game is considered to be a strong dialogue with the National League wild card race seems to start into a massacre, and looked up no signs of improvement the second section Rodgers also faced difficulties powerless 3 file size 11. The Cardinals a 27 yard run completely let the packers team morale dropped to the freezing point, at this time, the star took over the big Fitz Fumble, rookie season or Craig - Mathews picked up the ball attack let the team back, running back Grant by running 26 yards to the Green Bay to reproduce the dawn of the TD. But then the 3 Cardinals 7 yard line impregnable defense, sentenced to Arizona defensive foul, the packers half yards touchdown. But no. 80 rookie outside the good times don't last long, Doucet took over again catching a touchdown. The next Rodgers is facing 3 file 5 code protection net almost completely destroyed the quarterback was sacked in the face of adversity from 50 yards to find Finley, but not the team won the touchdown, the end of the first half of 24-10, the way ahead. in the second half of the first wave of assault Fitz will complete the self redemption, 31-10, lead with 21 points for the cardinals. In contrast, Rodgers is not in the two pass, seeing again three strikes, it is Finley to come forward. To say before the goddess of fortune has been visitest the Arizona side, then she should go there at the Green Bay tilt. On the outside

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