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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jamie Lynn (Jeremy Lane) to help the team completed the first shots in the super bowl, he steals in the end region of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) pass, the team refused to lose points. , however, Lynn was hit by the Patriot player in the process of the return attack, and he fell heavily on the right side line. His elbow landing was very painful, and he didn't get up for a long time. He finally pulled out of the court by a battery car after receiving a simple fixation. The team later claimed that Lynn was doubtful. This is the first time steals Lynn occupation career, but had been hit by injuries the Seahawks defensive line adds a member, this is not what good news, substitute Lynn debut cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cornerback Sara de Simon (Tharold Simon) and no good defense, Julian Edelman patriot receivers (Julian Edelman) seize the opportunity to complete the long distance gear conversion, the Seahawks reached the red zone.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning mocked his injury reports | football Eli Manning (Eli Manning) for the first time in 2 years in the team's injury report, and he himself participated in regular training on Wednesday. New York giant reported Manning's back injury. The 33 year old quarterback was first put on the list of injuries. The last time his injuries were due to stomach disease, which was before the 2012 National League finals. But seems to feel that Eli should be injured, he has said: I'm not sure, but if you really need to hurt them, please inform me. They notify the back injury because the injury is more popular. ??????????????????164??????NFL??????????????|??????|????????????NFL??????????? on Sunday more than 36 to 7 victory over the Tennessee Titans after the game, Eli did not spend too much time in the gym, he said he was not injured, you need to do more to face the next game and the Washington looks like Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Dallas Cowboys did not have any fate. , according to YAHOO sports journalist Charles - Robinson (Charles Robinson), the cowboy is not in the process of negotiating with Griffin Sans. Dallas morning news reporter Brandon - Georgia (Brandon George) agree with the news, it is reported that the current hope to obtain a cowboy veteran quarterback as the team's bench, like the colt - Mccoy (Colt McCoy) or Zeiss Daniel (Chase Daniel) that a player, so Griffin and cowboy is obviously not what possibility. for Griffin he was 26 years old, he is hoping to get a competition for a starting job, rather than sitting on the bench at Toni Romo (Tony Romo).According to local media in San Francisco, 49 people in San Francisco have cut back Ray McDonald, the defensive end Macdonald (McDonald). Macdonald is now involved in a case in which he was investigated by the police on suspicion of sexual assault. The 49 manager Trent Beilke (Trent Baalke) local time at a press conference Wednesday confirmed the news. He said the 49 were hoping to pass the move to show the attitude of the team and to alert the other players. "We had a lot of discussions on Macdonald's problem and finally made the decision we thought it was right," said Bayer. , the 3 round show in 2007, has repeatedly violated the law after Macdonald entered the league. The alleged sexual assault also made the team unbearable, and the final encounter was also reasonable. At present, Macdonald has not been arrested and has not been prosecuted. The police said the case was still under investigation. This season, Macdonald has completed 26 personal grabs and 13 synergetic grappling. Take 3 shots at the same time, and make one drop. After the loss of Macdonald, the 49 people also need to find a replacement in the corresponding position.

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