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Washington red skinned Rayn Kerrigan has been doing well. He only needs half a kill in the next match, so we can harvest an honor that belongs to him. Rayn. if the next game he can finish 0.5 sacks, he will become NFL fifth in the history of the first six seasons each season finished with 7.5 sacks of players before his players were Reggie White (Reggie White), Jared Allen (Jared Allen), Derek Thomas (Derrick Thomas) and DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware) - will. Kerrigan is the first round of the 2011 show. So far, he has completed 54.5 kills this season, and his total number of hits is ranked third in the team's history. The United States game time this Sunday, red against the Green Bay Packers, this season the packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) was sacked 22 times, his offensive line protection ability bad, this week his left and right guard Jiefeng may be missed because of injury, Kerrigan is clearly a great chance to make history. ? The official website of NFL | before the all star linebacker Cutler currently not worth | football bear's recent poor state, 50% winning record has been in the line ups and downs in the National League North championship has lagged behind rivals packers and lions, this situation, many teams expressed their views on the legend. The team and legendary coach Mike - Dietrich (Mike Ditka) card that the team leaders lack of cohesion, the bears played more than 10 years all star linebacker Blaine Elake (Brian Urlacher) is the core team at quarterback to play their own worth. From the point of view of the contract, Jay (Cutler, Jay Cutler) is undou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping btedly the top ranking League in the league, but the actual performance is not well matched. If you take the salary of the elite quarterback, you will have to play the elite quarterback. you look like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Bracey, every year to win so many games, even in the side without a good catcher or offensive attack case, and Jay Arshin (now Geoffrey, Alshon Jeffery), Brandon (Ma Shaoer, Matt, Forti (Brandon Marshall), Matt Forte Matruh J (Bennet), Martellus, Bennett), there is a good line, he has no reason not to do the best. In fact, every year we are talking about how talented Jay is. It's full of talent, but what we need is the winner. It's our ultimate goal. for Cutler, what we need to do now is to reduce the morale influence of losing the ball to the team, unite the team and win the game, so that we can give him one hundred and twenty-seven million of the huge contract.Manning's four touchdown defense group in the East brave civil war giant thrilling victory over Atlanta one of the focus battles of this week was launched between the two big enemies of the eastern region, the New York giant and the Philadelphia hawk. In the first wave of attack Eagle lose the first battle, and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) in the half pass by the giant Janice M. Vidal on Security - Corinth (Landon Collins) steals. The giant did not miss this opportunity, quarterback Eli Manning and Odell Beckham took a short pass (Odell Beckham), the latter in complete touchdown. For the Hawks, unfortunately second wave attack them again to pass was intercepted in wentz. The giant with Manning and rookie wide receiver Roger Lewis (Roger Lewis) 30 yards passing between touchdowns in the beginning of the game with 5 minutes to get 2 touchdowns. The eagles' attacking group began to play. They completed three passes and pushed 54 yards to the red area near the giants. But they were finally blocked by the giant 16 yards, and they could only score by shooting. After the start of the second quarter in advance to the giant eagle near the red zone after four storm but did not file, but the next wave of attack they again show large number attack ability, Wentz a 58 yard long pass found wide receiver Brice (Bryce Treggs), the special Leigesi finally running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Matthews) with 8 yards touchdown end of the attack, the eagle score gap to 4 points. But the giant is still in color. They also rely on a big yard attack. They take the ball by Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) to advance the 46 yards to the eagle red area. Manning eventually found Beckham short completed a 1 yard touchdown. Less than 6 minutes left in the second quarter, Eagle return hand Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) with 66 punt return yards to the giant red zone, on the offensive to the giant 6 yard line with four stalls 1 yards after the Hawks decided to storm, but the attack was a giant block. The next wave of attacking Eagles came to the giant red area again, but could not move forward again. Their shot was blocked by the giant defensive end Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul). The giant grabbed the ball, but he didn't take advantage of the chance to score again. The beginning of the second half Eagle attack group quickly angry, they cruised to advance to the giant 3 yards. Running back Bana (Kenjon Barner) - Cajun and then completed a 3 yards touchdown. Facing the giants score gap was reduced again to respond to the eagle, in the first half by punching ball and short pass, Manning pass to rookie outside Stryn - Shepard (Sterling Shepard) completed a 32 yard touchdown. After the fourth quarter, the Hawks use a free kick to narrow the score gap. Then the giant began to make mistakes, he received a pass in the ground when the ball was grabbed Eagles cornerback Nolan Carol (Nolan Carroll) took away the ball, but the eagles did not take advantage of this opportunity. 〉as a child, I knew that one day my mother was going to have breast cancer. this is not possible, and this is an inevitable event. some people carry the breast cancer susceptibility gene type 1 (BRCA1) mutation, which means that the gene that originally produced protein and tumor suppressor could not function in vivo. If you have the BRCA1 gene, you will have a great risk for cancer, especially breast cancer, and develop rapidly. my mother and her four sisters all have this gene. Even when I was a child, I didn't know what cancer was, but I knew that some things would come one day. when our family found the mutant gene, everyone was involved in the study. we're all talking about cancer, brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles all the time. This is part of our life, something that is already familiar to us, and we know that we will eventually come to us. What we can do is grab every minute, and wait. we communicate honestly with each other. When you put a problem in front of people, there will be a lot of brains to solve the problem, not only you. When you put in one thing and try to understand it, you will become an expert. you know what it means when breast cancer is transferred to other organs, how does he spread, and you know what the "cancer cell" means. You know what the tumor is, what kind of effect he will have on your body, and what role the BRCA1 gene changes in the disease. You can answer your own questions instead of asking the doctor to give you the answer or anyone else. knowledge is power, and we put ourselves into the hardest battle of our lives. , "look, those are warriors ahead of me." my mother once said that when cancer knocked down my aunt, we didn't have time to be sad because we could not afford to fight against cancer. every time when the cancer strikes, we tell ourselves that this time we must be able to overcome it! This time we can certainly beat it!! This time we can certainly beat it!!! We know this step - the doctor, the chemotherapy, the estrogen injection, so long as we are able to keep us healthy and continue to fight. One of us has a positive and optimistic attitude. every battle will continue a little longer than the last time, but we never won... in 2004, it was my mother's turn to fight. But she didn't tell me. was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of that year, but it wasn't until the summer of that year that she told me it was after my first season in Memphis. I feel angry. I felt like she wanted to be a person to join the battle,

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