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Water polo | nineteenth national lifesaving Championships supplementary notice nineteenth national lifesaving Championship supplementary notice teams: according to the requirements of the regulations of the nineteenth national lifesaving Championships to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, the following supplementary notice is given as follows: 1, competition time and place time: 14 to 17 2017 09 months (sea surf lifesaving September 14th, swimming pool lifesaving, September 15th -17 day) location: the first Beach Surf Life: Qingdao city (Shandong province Qingdao City Nanhai Road No. 15) swimming pool: Qingdao sports center national letter swimming pool (Yinchuan Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong province 3) two, competition report to (a) please each team report in September 12th, 13, to the respective Check Inn Hotel lobby, each team hotel will be determined before September 5th, published in the Chinese Swimming Association, Chinese lifesaving Association website, the organizing committee will also call to the team. (two) report to process each team arrives at the report office and needs to complete the following report process: 1, information registration and audit of the team; 2, pay the related expenses (if the wire is sent, the cost is checked); 3, receipt of documents, information, and so on 4, hotel front desk check in. (three) needs to carry data 1, participants' registration information and ID card; 2, if the inv cheap nfl jerseys free shipping oice is opened, it is necessary to carry the paper invoice information with the official seal (for example, the special invoice for VAT should be provided by the general taxpayer). (four) insurance service please make sure that each team athletes, and in September 1st before the electronic version of the form will be athletes insurance information (Annex 1) by email to, in order to provide insurance services for athletes. three, cost (a) the organizing committee according to the registration team of gender and number arrangement of standard rooms, such as a team with special needs to upgrade to a single room, in the hotel room under the premise, according to the actual number of room demand quantity and the arrangements of the organizing committee room, according to 300 yuan / day / (RO), charge. 〉The official website of NFL |NFL Thanksgiving season past and present | football The NFL Thanksgiving season refers to a series of games held during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which dates back to 1920. Now, the annual Thanksgiving Day is made up of 3 games. The first two games were held at the home of the Detroit lions and the Dallas cowboys, and the opponents were chosen in a fixed cycle. There were no fixed opponents for the third Thanksgiving, which began to increase in 2006. history The earliest history of the Thanksgiving Day can be traced back to 1876, shortly after the invention of the game. That year, the Yale University rugby team and the Princeton University football team will play a game on Thanksgiving Day to form a tradition. The University of Michigan also has this tradition, and they held 19 games from 1885 to 1905. And the Thanksgiving Day of the University of Michigan's Chicago Maroons (Chicago Maroons) was seen as the beginning of the Thanksgiving Day. After the start of the professional football game, the tradition of Thanksgiving was also inherited. The earliest Thanksgiving record in the professional rugby game appeared in 1890s. In 1902, the national rugby league (NFL, but not now NFL) tried to win the league's final championship on Thanksgiving weekend, but the game ended in a tie. Finally, the three teams claimed that they won the championship of the year. In the next few years, small leagues all over the world began to match the Thanksgiving Day. The male lion's first boss, G.A. Richards (G.A. Richards), pioneered the lion's Thanksgiving tradition. 18 years ago, the NFL alliance, several fixed team will participate in the Thanksgiving game, these teams including the Chicago bears, Chicago cardinals, Buffalo, khamthong American bulldog and the New York giants. In 1939 and 1940 two years, only the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia hawks still participate in the Thanksgiving game. (at that time, the then U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt for economic considerations to the festival postponed, but was opposed to most state. Half of the states clearly expressed their opposition, while the other half did not. This adds a lot of difficulty to the arrangement of the game. From 1941 to 1945, NFL had not arranged games during the Thanksgiving Day, influenced by second world wars. After the resumption of the Thanksgiving Day in 1945, only one particular game was played every year, and only the lions were the fixed teams. In the thirteen years from 1951 to 1963, the Green Bay Packers became the male lions' fixed opponents in the Thanksgiving Day. 1966, just 6 years.four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and the Carolina Panthers to complete some important work. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, Newton and Panther are close to reaching a contract extension, which will enable him to play for the team until 2020. The contract is expected to be worth more than $100 million for a period of 5 years. Local media estimates that the average salary of the contract will be between $20 million and $21 million a year. Rapoport also said that the negotiations on the renewal of the contract last week were slow but soon reached a consensus. Newton's agent has been seeking a high income guarantee contract, and this contract is not with injury or other terms linked to increase its basic value, so the contract with San Francisco 49 quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) and Cincinnati tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) last year signed a similar contract. Newton, a 26 year old, has been the first quarterback since he joined the Black Panther as the top player in the 2011 draft. The Panther carried out his fifth year contract last year, and he will make $14 million 670 thousand this season. 's record in the four season as the first quarterback was 30 - 31, 1 - draw, including 1 - 2 in the playoffs. He was selected in the career bowl in 2011 and 2013.The official website of NFL | Ingram hope and renewal | Saints Football , the New Orleans saints Mark Mark Mark team has already expired this season, but he doesn't want to go to another club when he enters the free agent market. Ingram said: I am looking forward to a new contract, hope or saints, they picked me on the show, I love New Orleans, I hope in this. Ingram also said the saints also wanted to leave themselves. this season, Ingram shared 226 carrying the ball 964 yards, 9 touchdowns and finished, the three is the occupation career high, should pay attention to Ingram and because of a shoulder injury he missed three games. In spite of this, Ingram's single - game 74.2 - code number of propulsion codes can be ranked eighth in the league. is too disappointed because of the early performance of his career. The saints didn't fulfill the team option of Ingram's rookie contract for fifth years, so Ingram will become a free agent in March. NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) in October last year when the saints said, let Ingram will try the water in the free agent market, after all, 25 years old is one of the best players in grade.

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