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has just been laid off the Losangeles rams James Laurie Neidich may not be out of work for a long time. , according to insiders, the saints of New Orleans will arrange a trip to Louisiana for the 29 year old line Guardian on Tuesday, of course, mainly to discuss the contract. The saints expressed a strong interest after the Laurie's cut last week. Even the saints to grab the lock linebacker at the other team and Laurie Neidich approached before. last week Losangeles goats cut the number of the first in team history. The job cuts are mainly to save salary space. But in fact, although last season Laurie Neidich holds the number reached 109, the seven consecutive season holds several hundred, but his condition is very serious decline. Last season, he said one of the worst interior guards in the league, especially in the face of the ground attack. once again, the saints in the offseason trying to renovate their defense in a disastrous state. Fortunately, Sean Payton's boss or some young people of high quality such as Stephen Anthony, Lee - Kika Kazakhstan, German - Block J and Kenny - Vaccaro, Cameron - if they are players like Jordan side continued to grow, the future of the saints defense may change. last offseason saints have tried to sign some veteran, expect their leadership and experience to help bring the defense. Cornerback Brandon browner came last year, this year the saints will what gains?The official website of NFL | second week night match Preview: National League finals of the two rugby | fight Sunday night this week's match will be a strong dialogue mars hit the earth, the Green Bay Packers (1 - 0) in the Blue Salih Stadium against the Seattle Seahawks (0-1), this is the second season National League final both sides fight again, this time the packers h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ome court of revenge, or sea eagle again the last laugh. The biggest thing: vs packers offensive attack the Seahawks defensive attack the past 3 consecutive times in the face of the Seahawks packers won all 12 season: the controversial Fail Mary (winning steals) is the gift, on the season opener against the Green Bay home court, or the season National League final in 4 was unfavorable situation steals under the overtime wave flow, although the script is not the same, but there is always the same, every time the Seahawks rushed hands will pass over the Green Bay line and a Rodgers bosom sister killed, which is a major cause of the packers always insurmountable seahawks. While the game is one disaster after another, the packers starting right tackle Braga injury can not go wrong, on behalf of the class will start long battle is the barkla. Seahawks offensive group vs packers defensive group offseason Seahawks made a big deal with all star center Marx Unger and a first round pick for the second active strong near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) from the saints. The battle to face the ram, the first half Graham played with quarterback Russell - after the downturn in the second half Wilson (Russell Wilson) with significantly improved, the final results of the 6 pick play 51 yards 1 touchdowns, the Seahawks offensive airpower and red threat greatly enhanced. But something else was lost, Sangyu moved, led the Seahawks Unger weak offensive attack was further in a disastrous state, fully completed the rams 6 sacks, and must be completed in overtime four grade 1 yards, rams defensive line a few unhindered holds the horse - Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) lead to lost the match. Apart from the poor performance of the line, Lynch still ran 71 yards, the main external combination of Baldwin and the stabilizing, two new signings Taylor Locket took over the show three (yield 1 punt return touchdowns) and the 34 year old veteran running back Fred Jackson has the dazzling play. Coupled with the overall view, one of the league's best quarterback Shinco Mr. ninety million Wilson dispatch center, the Seahawks offensive firepower group will make people sit up and take notice. packers defensive group offseason several reinforcement, but also the loss of the top cornerback tramon Williams. During the first week, there were many problems in the game against bears, which made the bear offensive team get obvious advantages in many aspects, such as ball control time, attack code number, the number of first attack and the number of attack files. If it weren't for the bear team's offensive group red area efficiency is not high, and Carter 〉The official website of NFL | giants Super Bowl winning hero to keep fighting | football team places New York giants on Saturday local time away to Indianapolis pony, on the grounds of Mario - Manning (Mario Manningham), had completed a ball - his difficult occupation career of the greatest ball won forty-sixth Super Bowl champion for the giants to help a helping hand. The difference in is that Manning Hamm is fighting for the team's squad. always has competition, Manning Hamm told ESPN. This is not 1960s. There are always a lot of contacts in the team. We won't attack the ball all over the game. So I just have to do what I have to do, that is to finish the ball. Manning, in this offseason return before the giant 49 people in San Francisco spent the two season with injuries. Manning Hamm said he was healthy, but according to reporters, the 28 year old outfit lacked speed and explosive power. Victor Cruz - in order to play Manning's (Victor Cruz), Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle), Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham rookie) and also the young players Marcus - Harris (Marcus Harris) and Cory (Corey Washington) - Washington (so far in pre-season has achieved two times the winning touchdown catch) competition playing time. I don't worry about that, Manning said. I'm just going to play and control what I can control. I'll let the coaching team decide on my stay.Jiang Zhixue introduced Chinese handball | Anti Doping work | attaches great importance to international recognition | hand Association Click to see the wonderful group map related news: Jiang Zhixue: co-ordination and coordination in coordination with China's Anti Doping results policies and facilities in two ways in China to further strengthen doping management peak introduction of China's stimulants special control of illegal and irregularities all strict Cleveland Beijing (reporter Li Yiming) in July 30, the State General Administration of sports science and education secretary Jiang Zhixue held in the 2008 Beijing international press center this morning China Anti Doping work group interview meeting, introduced Chinese Anti Doping work, and answered questions from reporters. A brief introduction to the Anti Doping work The doping problem first appeared in the sports in the late nineteenth Century. The International Olympic Committee formally implemented doping control in the nineteenth Mexico Olympic Games in 1968. Since then, Anti Doping has become an important work of all previous Olympic Games. in 1999, the World Health Organization (International Olympic Committee) launched a World Anti Doping Agency to guide and coordinate Anti Doping work worldwide. The International Olympic Committee is not only at the four - year Olympic Games, but also at the forefront of the struggle against doping in all sports competitions in the world. Less than 10 years after the establishment of the World Anti Doping Agency, the World Anti Doping regulations and the International Anti Doping regulations have been issued, marking the beginning of the International Anti Doping coordination action. China since the last century since the end of 80s and early 90s to carry out Anti Doping work, has always insisted firmly against the use of Anti Doping position, determine the implementation strictly prohibited, strict inspection, strict policy seriously deal with the problem of doping. At the same time, a series of laws and regulations have been promulgated and implemented, and the Anti Doping legal system has been gradually established, and the number of doping inspection has been increased year by year. At present, the test of doping in China is in the world leading level, and the number of samples in 2007 ranked sixth in the 33 laboratory in the world. Anti Doping work in 2008 Olympic Games China takes important measures implementation of the responsibility system will carry out the work responsibility of Anti Doping and further improve the Anti Doping work consciousness of the sports departments at all levels. In January 2007, the General Administration of sport and the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Sports Bureau, the people's Liberation Army Sports Administrative Department, the industry association and the sports management center signed a "Anti Doping work responsibility", defined the objectives and tasks of Anti Doping and Anti Doping work in their respective responsibilities, to further enhance the sports administrative departments at all levels - 〉

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