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Chicago bear continues to take over the veteran. Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), a former New York giant, has agreed to sign a contract with the bear team. Since in mid February by the giant cut since Cruz got the bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore crow's attention, but he just met with the bear's face. He could not leave from the giant scenery throughout the off-season has let him brood on even at this week, he also said to the radio program data in last season's own decline because the giant management intends to destroy their season. Cruz is a bear's offseason signed fourth well-known in this year to take over. Before they signed former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Marcus Wylton (Markus Wheaton), the former Tennessee wide receiver Ken DELL Titan Wright (Kendall Wright) and Cruz's former teammate Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle). They will strengthen the position that has already owned the Kevin - White (Kevin White) and Cameron - Meredith (Cameron Meredith). Cruz's strong position in the bear team is still an unknown number, which will be determined by a fierce competition in the training camp. But his entry to the bear team could give him a chance to rewrite his career after suffering a lot of injuries.NFL's official website, the 2016 season NFL season summary: intersection, a new era of rugby nest this year, the world celebrate 2017, a peaceful healthy posture, 2016 NFL regular season burning for five months of the raging flames, finally slowly annihilation. if you often see a similar season summary, the authors prefer to use the time alternately as the title or the intention of the article. Not poets deliberately cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , in fact, the healthy development of the league, each season will naturally emerge so broadly The new supersedes the old., each season is indeed in the era of alternate. The clock back to the junction of century, all stars Troy Ekman, Steve young, Dan Marino, century old already, Ragnarok, then Payton Manning and Tom Brady quietly entered the league, created their own time. Last spring, Manning God's favored one bid farewell to the alliance, a seemingly era has ended, the League should stride into a new era, I think the alliance is only a small step, go to the intersection of the times, right to left back and forth, every step is a new chapter. : the tyrannical Dynasty team steadily Tom Brady and Bailey Cheik together, the fourteenth Division title in 16 seasons of the patriot. The start of the season before the cloth around the reddys ban by two patriots almost never play football occupation of young people seamlessly over old driver return after the Brady hype, led the Patriots alliance crazy sweep. Lose two games in the season? A bad state, a return of debt. The new dynasty Seahawks seemingly strength back, but returned to the throne and grab the League West for fifth consecutive seasons to reach the playoffs, the team still showed a solid foundation. The Steelers, Dezhou, Emirates, packers and so on are dedicated teams also exceptionally stable results, this season is the cavalcade, but they are not in the League of rock. player, Aaron Brady, Drew Rodgers, Bracey, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson five quarterback, all have a wonderful, although the process of BaiZhuanQianHui vary, but a great season allow all doubt they are the backbone, the healthy development of the alliance. surprise: too busy to attend to all successors chaotic hero, also call, by this season a bad team have also evolved momentum, jump out at the world a fright. Al West and the NL east to become their best partition, almost all double card. The Raiders were separated by 13 seasons, and the dolphins were separated in 7 seasons. Both of them were killed in the playoffs so that the fans of the ocean were lacrimal. Cowboys and giants, two old strong fans who love each other in the east of the League of nations, have died after several years of silence, especially the cowboys who are in charge of the little ones. The pirates and Titans, who have just matured by the leaders, are close to the playoffs.automatic playback switch automatic playing at Spurs not live for a long time to see Twin Towers and roll Duncan help fly Robinson is loading ... Tencent sports news September 2nd according to NBC sports news, NFL star, the Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins has finally received the gift of NBA spurs jerseys, which made him feel very excited, but not everyone is happy, for example, the city of the Washington Wizards, for Cousins's move and feel uncomfortable. NFL Kao God won a Spurs shirt in August of this year, Kirk Cousins said in an interview that he hoped his team could become the Spurs of NFL. "I told my teammates, I hope we can become the Spurs in NFL, and become a boring team. We don't need to promote ourselves. However, people will say at the end of the season," ah? They really have a great season, but no one will talk about them during the season. Cousins said at the time. obviously, the Spurs also saw Cousins's wishes. They presented him with a white home uniform, with Cousins's surname and number on it, and Cousins with the Spurs uniforms showed a bright smile. spurs is undoubtedly the most stable team in NBA in the past 20 years. They have won 5 NBA Championships. At present, the team is still at the top of the West. No wonder koxin will regard Spurs as an imitation. After realized his wishes, the official twitter of the Washington red team wrote, "it's a step closer to the NFL's Spurs." , however, the Washington Wizards didn't feel good about it as a city team. The official official twitter said after watching the news, "we don't like it." in NBA, the team concept is the eternal magic, especially in the Eastern Star poor, many teams are learning the Spurs team concept, is now more than just NBA team, even NFL in learning the Spurs, people can not help but sigh, the Spurs concept indeed has penetrated into every corner of competitive sports. (cat big bear) copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.The official website of NFL |NFL caravan officially launched the national tour | football August 30th, the NFL caravan launched the first stop of the national tour in Shanghai people's Park. The event was organized by NFL China official. It aims to bring the authentic American football experience to more Chinese fans. The scene is rich and colorful, and the fans are in close contact with American football. In addition, NFL's official flagship store also brought the latest and most cool NFL equipment and peripheral goods to the scene for fans to buy. After months of preparation, the NFL caravan has been shown to the public today. The Shanghai fans took the lead to feel the shocking experience of the NFL caravan. The most popular part of is the equipment experience. Fans of all ages are interested in wearing professional NFL equipment and helmets to take photos. Put on equipment in good out of a bandbox cool fans. NFL Q & A tests the fans' understanding of NFL. The fans who answered the questions got the Wilson real football. Meanwhile, the live screen also showed a series of interesting NFL knowledge videos, which brought you into the world of NFL quickly. challenges the quarterback to let the fans play the role of quarterback, and pass the ball to the goal. It seems a simple game. It needs hand coordination and use. It's not easy to hit the target accurately. Do you want to challenge it? in order to meet the strong demand for China fans, NFL official flagship store airborne caravan site, a variety of styles of football fans, T-shirt, shirt, jacket, hat and other awesome NFL official site, let the fans can pick up their own support team's exclusive equipment and exquisite souvenirs. this time, the NFL caravan activity and its highlight -- the ultimate experience inside the car, and fans can enter the mysterious Caravan and participate in the absolutely shocking experience, so that you can feel the real charm of rugby. the NFL caravan activities from the beginning of the end of August, will be in the city for 13 China 〉

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