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to the season this season, the Oakland Raiders hope that they will win a little more this season. And at the moment, 1 - 11, they will face San Francisco's 49 - man team this Sunday. The Raiders also gradually focus on the upcoming off-season and free players to choose as their goal of reconstruction. The ground attack this season surprised, thought that in the offseason Maurice introduced Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) combined with the renewal of the Darren McFadden ground will give a boost, but the results of the two season just passable, no longer have the courage. But the Raiders' ground attack was not useless, and they also found the hope of the future - La Tevez - Murray (Latavius Murray). , in his only playing time, Murray scored 166 yards for the 14 time, 11.9 yards for the ball and 90 yards for a time, and 6 times to catch the ball 35 yards. They are also the biggest contributors to this season's only victory. He scored 112 yards and 2 times in the first quarter of the match against the Kansas chieftain, giving the attacking badly needed firepower and giving the team the hope of rebuilding. boss Toni (Tony cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Sparano) sparano in an interview with the CSN Bay Area Network said: "I admire Murray rushed the ball, but I only saw 14 red balls, I expect to see more red ball." , according to the analysis of professional football interview, Murray is regarded as a fulcrum for the future of the Raiders. There will be little chance for Mike Faden and Jones Drew to return to next season, leaving Murray and Reece Marcel Reece. They are likely to sign a veteran or sign a golden age star. With Derek - Carle as the team's future quarterback, the Raiders are sure to upgrade his weapons. Many of the simulations next year are expected to be the first choice for their Amari Cooper or Kevin White (Kevin White). The running back position might have introduced DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) and ray rice (Ray Rice) and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), or le Sean - Mccoy Trading (LeSean McCoy) or the signing of Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram). But in any case, Murray should be their future hope. Murray himself said: "there is no doubt that I will show my strength. I am ready to deal with the heavy responsibilities, and I have no pressure. Because I know that no matter how many opportunities I have, I will do it and make sure that it is perfect. "buffalo Bill coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) was optimistic about the Sami Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins)'s next battle against Jacksonville Jaguar on Thursday, and Watkins was activated on Wednesday from the injury reserve list. "I'm not sure, but I think he's likely to come out. I do think so, "Ryan said after Thursday's training. "As long as there's no more injury or something like that. I am very optimistic about his appearance. " Watkins was listed as part of the training in Thursday's injury report, and he was also trained for the first time since he was put on the injury reserve list in September 30th. There has been a offseason foot surgery after soreness that he missed 8 games. however, Ryan said that if Watkins did come out, he expected the latter only to get limited time. Watkins's last appearance was a match against the New York jets in September 15th. Bill late in December 14th before the Watkins activation into the list, otherwise he will return to the injured reserve list absent from the remainder of this season. The return of Watkins will be a great help for Bill's offensive team. In the next match, they are expected to lack the Robert Woods. Woods sprained his knee in the last match and did not take part in this week's training. ?The official website of NFL | Eagles linebacker Graham intends to test the free agent market | football Philadelphia hawk line guard Brandon Graham has performed exceptionally this season. The first round show in 2010 has gradually grown into the mainstay of eagle's defense. Graham will become a free agent after the end of this season. The Hawks have repeatedly said they will renew their contract, but Graham seems more willing to try the water free players market for bigger contracts. according to the "Philadelphia inquirer newspaper" reporter Geoff McClain (Jeff McLane) said, although Graham thank you very much for the renewal of Eagle tendency, but I still want to join the free market to see other teams will be given up to the contract, he also hope to join an orthodox 4-3 defensive team. Graham said in an interview: "I feel very good now, and can change people's opinion of me. I'm very happy. I'm just putting my heart and soul into competition and training now. Other times will come naturally.The official website of NFL |NFL on the sidelines of the new tablet computer technology to do battle command | football this season, the NFL team can use Microsoft's tablet computer in the game, mainly for photographing or videotaping, and analyzing the situation on the field. Unlike previous photographs, a tablet can more easily zoom in or down the picture, look at the details, and adjust the tactics in time. but the new technology can not be a big and small problem in the trial period. Bill coach Doug Maroni (Doug Marrone) is obviously not satisfied with the new technology. After he lost to the giants, he complained that his tablet computer could not be used in the first two quarters. They told me that the tablet was good, but it didn't really work at all. But I am very excited to try new things, the second half is always in use, I like it. is still a month from the regular season, and the NFL alliance and Microsoft still have enough time to debug the system to be used when the regular season is coming.

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