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Tennessee Titans hopefully sometime in the middle of the season to use quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) the ability to move, but after seeing some mobile League quarterback showed rapid decline of in the face of repeated impact after they know they have to be careful. coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) tried to solve this problem this week. "the alliance is doing well in the protection of the quarterback, but at any time the quarterback has the risk of moving the ball," Whisenhunt told the local media. "At any time there's a risk that anyone can move the ball, so I don't think you are overly persistent in using his mobility. You have to be smart. Obviously you're not going to want him to have 30 shots in a game, because then you're really going to increase the risk. in college, Mario Kobita was protected by the attack system, which gave him a lot of comfortable offensive options. At the same time, he was faster than almost everyone on the field. It is clear that cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Whisenhunt does not copy the kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) on Titan in University of Oregon's tactics, this will bring some problems. In order to avoid some of the has been like Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) caused by the negative impact of these are the quarterback impact, Hunter wiesen need those pocket quarterback like protecting the past he has worked with such protection Liotta mali. But in order to maximize the power of Mario Kobita, he must reduce his bondage to him and make the best plan. What is the solution? Let him as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) play like. , "there will be many opportunities for design, but there will be many opportunities. Just like Russell Wilson plays, when the attack starts, he moves the ball and continues the attack," said Whisenhunt. this is an interesting comparison, but it makes sense as long as Whisenhunt has a similar confidence in Mario Kobita's arm strength. Now, the Seahawks offense seems to be the only perfect suitable for solving the difficulties encountered by mobile quarterback method.Matt Ryan and Luke Jikeli the occupation career is far from over, but in view of their glorious career, his alma mater, Boston College decided to fall as they send a high honor. The two person's jersey retiring ceremony will be held separately. Jikeli shirt will be retired in October 22nd against Syracuse University, Ryan's jersey will retire in November 19th against University of Connecticut. "on behalf of Boston College and our fans, we sincerely congratulate Jikeli and Ryan won the match with their college career honors," Boston College athletic director Brad - Bates in the school conference. "Jikeli and Ryan represents the highest level of intercollegiate athletes, also personally defined everyone dedication of the religious rule. The two have a brilliant college career and enjoy a better career. Outside of the game, you will find that these two are all the gentlemen who ask themselves with integrity, self-discipline, generosity, and enthusiasm. They make all of us proud. " Jikeli 2009-2011 years validity of Boston College, No. 40; Ryan 2003-2007 years validity of Boston College, No. 12. Two people were selected at the first round of the draft. Jikeli is 2012 ninth overall, Ryan's 2008 third CIS position. During the period of at the Boston College, Luke Jikeli for two consecutive years in the first team all American, and won the prize in the last quarter of Pakistan tex (NCAA who was the highest award). Matt Ryan created history passing record (4507 yards) and was elected ACC League player of the by far the best defensive end of this century one of the top 49 players of San Francisco Justin Smith (Justin Smith) has finally made the decision to retire. 49 officials announced the news on Monday local time and gave Smith a blessing. as the 5 professional bowl player, Smith has played for the Cincinnati tigers and 49. He was flat during the tigers, but he became one of the most dominant players in the League after joining 49. Smith revealed that his physical condition was the root cause of his decision to retire, and he thought it was difficult for him to make a contribution to the team. Coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) gave Smith a very high evaluation: "as a coach, I will always try to find the next Smith. But I know I will never find the next player who is similar to him. " in this offseason, the 49 first signed veteran Darnell - doctore (Darnell Dockett), then in the draft pick (Arik Armstead) - Amusidide alec. The team hopes that the arrival of the two will fill the vacancy left by Smith.Bowling |2016 February 28th Foshan zhanmei bowling match scores in Foshan in February 28, 2016 for winning the American League Bowling match score: European Zhibiao runner: ERON third: mark Hong Qin. Congratulations to all the winners : European champion Zhibiao runner up: ERON Third: Hongqin Mai

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