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Our football equipment network KELME in Heilongjiang volcano Mingquan Football Club jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. Heilongjiang Mingquan volcano club as a dark horse, with team, hard work, tenacity, perseverance, wisdom and loyalty of the wolf spirit, from B in a drawing done in one vigorous effort, darling, invincible. Longjiang ribbon "position" should reflect the geographical attributes of the team leader / after Below "One Goal One Jersey back Love" logo is still the continuation of the new upgrade, a charity KELME from the beginning of 2016, a team signed KELME official game in the new season each scored a goal, KELME to the local football school cheap nfl jerseys free shipping football equipment donated five hundred yuan. 〈/br.Polo | Beijing fifth horse theme practice camp ended in the sun times Polo Club (1) Beijing five Central horse theme practice camp activity in the sunshine times the Polo Club finished (1) In the era of sunshine, polo club recently welcomed a group of happy little partners. They are students from the Fifth Middle School of Beijing. They held a theme camp with MA in the polo club. 7.23-25 children in the club manor beautiful scenery in the wonderful BBQ party, taste delicious food and enjoy the beautiful scenery; under the guidance of the club professional teachers, learn all kinds of knowledge related to horses, have a happy and full of good time. Ma theme summer camp!although the Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Leeds boast arrested in July 4th, the team had cut him. ESPN, according to two people familiar with news reports said in praise Antilles accused shot in public misdemeanor, the packers won't cut him. packaging industry after the incident issued a full statement saying officialese, is "collect more information" and not to comment. will accept the punishment according to the Leeds boast NFL personal conduct, he may be forced to be suspended or placed in the president of the exemption list. , the near - end forward, will initially start the near - end front with his teammates Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers) competition packer. Any punishment may undermine the opportunity for competition. Kwame Arguelles in this offseason by quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) highly, the latter think this year has 6 years of career veteran will make "progress" in the 2015 season of Although does not lose in the Antilles boast packers, if he was forbidden to debut for a long time in the season, this progress will not take great strides.The official website of NFL | Jinzhou warriors Green and the Seahawks fans quarrel | football bizarre events semi finals against the Carolina Panthers of the Seattle Seahawks game on Saturday at the end of the country. NBA Jinzhou warriors players de Raymond - Green (Draymond Green) was invited to the Seahawks home court ball, sitting in the room, but his area is mainly the Panthers fans. When the is at the end of the game, a quarrel and Green fans and the Seahawks, Seahawks fans were abusive to Green, Green then decided what to do by the other side of the mouth. then he grabbed the food at hand and threw it at the other, and his partner joined in. Then Green wrote on his Twitter: all I did was throw 4 grapes into their mouth. And I'm not a panther fan, so I didn't do it because they were losing!!! No one was expelled from the court after , and with the end of the game, people left the court, and things were quiet.

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