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The super bowl is one of the most solemn American football games every year, and its significance has gone beyond the game itself. Even the non NFL fans will be concerned about the game, but the non fans are always asking some big brain holes. So, before watching the super bowl, what do you want to know about it first? Who is the match? new England patriots vs Seattle Seahawks is a former champion Seahawks, aigo is a veteran team. The game was not at the home of the two teams, but on a neutral site, Feinikesi, Arizona. Is this yellow line on true? fake, that's video transmission technology. , first of all, establish a 1:1 digital model of the arena. Because the position of the camera is fixed, it can simulate the angle of the direct seeding lens alignment, and then add yellow line to the model to cover the broadcast picture. In general, this is the case. why is the supe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r bowl so important? this is the world's highest level competition, comparable to the football World Cup, the Stanley cup of ice hockey. The game was paid more attention than the Grammy Awards and the NBA finals. Super Bowl in February 2nd, and did they have a holiday before? how can it be! They are all working hard. The biggest goal of the two teams is to get the super bowl. ads feel better than Super Bowl! can find advertising better if it doesn't understand rugby. Super Bowl ratings are too high too high, the entire North American brands want to participate in the competition, hoping to put their own ads in the game, the best to play at that time. how are they going to score? this is not football, alas... Score games have so few: 1. pass and move the ball into the end zone, 6 points; 2. shot, is to kick the ball into the middle of the end zone behind the two pillars, 3 points; 3. dozen additional touchdowns, chose to shoot 1 points, again touchdowns 2 points; 4. the offensive in the end zone captured, defending 2 points. why do these people look so fat? if you don't understand the game, take a good look at how strong these guys are. don't see them looking fat. They run much faster than ordinary people. They don't look so fat. It's no difference running up and flying low. how long will the match last? is a long and long time for the fans. It's not a very long time for non fans. a game is divided into the second half, each half.Dallas cowboy's 2016 season's runner candidate is a big problem. Recently, the cowboy and the former Washington red skinned runner Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) completed the 2 year contract. Maurice, 27 years old, was chosen by the red skin in 2012. The rookie season has completed 1613 yards of the ball, but after that season, the data has been declining. The 2013 season has completed 1275 yards, the 2014 season has completed 1074 yards, and the 2015 season has only completed 75 yards. And his per holding number dropped from 4.8 yards to 3.7 yards. after signing Maurice, cowboy can let Maurice and Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) to complete the offensive backcourt, Mike Faden finished the 2015 season for 1089 yards, so running back the problem was solved.As environmental problems become more and more serious today, the field of sports clothing has also begun to focus attention. If you want to · and Paul Pogue (Paul Pogba); the same attention to environmental protection, so that Z.N.E. Zero-Dye can reflect your claim coat dyeing. The dress itself does not use any chemical dyes, only white white, white and black combination can make you stand out in any crowd, and your enthusiasm for environmental protection will contribute to the cause of environmental protection.The official website of NFL | Seahawks fans | football mascot landing shoulder it's really scary to find a big guy on the edge when you have a strand of hair. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks game against the New York giants in a really flew to the Seattle Seahawks mascot stands cheering for the team. photographed this scene fans on twitter said: Okay, the Seahawks flew off residence landed in a lady's shoulder, and I was on the edge!!! Look!!!! all over the lady there taking pictures, and she only looked at her shoulder and the Seahawks remain stagnant. Most people are happy to leave the seat to find this cute guy. some people also say, I feel very scared about it. What if the woman has food on her body? According to FOX sports reporter reports, small Seahawks still stay in another fan head.

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