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Zhang Lin: | handball running the first great pleasure: the torch for regret | Xian Dongmei | hand Co Luca in October 12th, the first Asian Games torch relay station in Beijing Tiantan, stick in the first run world champion Zhang Lin and ran the last leg of the Olympic champion Xian Dongmei in that they will pass the flame after all expressed their excitement. Zhang Lin Beijing's swimming world champion will assume responsibility stick in the first run, he will run to the door from the temple, completed the first torchbearer. As an athlete and torch relay who will be attending the Asian Games in Guangzhou, it is very natural. Zhang Lin said in an interview: "this is my first time to play the torch of the comprehensive sports meet, and I feel honored to run the first prize. at the same time, Zhang Lin also revealed the events in Guangzhou Asian Games: I will take part in the 200 meter, 400 meter, 1500 meter freestyle, and 4, 200 meter freestyle relay. I will do my best to fight for the gold medal, and strive for four. After the transfer, Zhang Lin will also return to the training field for the Asian Games. ra cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the last torchbearer will be Guangdong Olympic champion Xian Dongmei, like Zhang Lin, this is the first time to pass the international competition the Xian Dongmei, at the Beijing Olympics, and missed the Xian Dongmei because of preparation for the Olympic torch. Xian Dongmei said in an interview: in addition to serving as the nine games torch, I have not served as the international competition of the torch. At the time of the Beijing Olympics, it was a pity that we could not be a torchbearer for preparing for the game. Now it has become the torch bearer of the Guangzhou Asian Games, which has always made up for this regret. I am very excited and honored. I am now lucky to be able to participate in the Guangzhou Asian Games in this way. I am now working in the Guangzhou Asian organizing committee competition department. (Liu Xiangqian)The official website of NFL | Raiders linebacker Roach was sacked, or choose to retire | football veteran Nick Roach (Nick Roach) is in the underestimation of his career. The Oakland Raider announced that he had retired for 8 years in the League for physical reasons. Last season, Roach chose a knee operation in October to finish the season ahead of time. was the first midline of the raider's 2013 season, and Roach had injured his knee before the start of the season. Although he made a lot of efforts to return to the game, he still had to choose surgery. Last month, relevant experts in San Francisco made comments on Roach's recovery. He thought Roach's recovery was not as good as expected, and probably still could not return in 2015. Related people said that Roach himself was very depressed about the injury, and he had suggested or would choose to retire. , the 29 year old Roach, has completed 346 escapement and made 9 balls. In the 8 season, he has played for the Chicago bear and the Raiders, 96 times. In view of Roach's physical condition, there will be no team to sign him at this stage. To return to the stadium after the injury is a big test for Roach's age and ability, and retiring is probably the best choice.on Wednesday local time, the University of Georgia announced that former Saint Louis rams offensive coordinator Blaine Shuteng's (Brian Schottenheimer) will become the team's new offensive coordinator. He also subsequently confirmed the news, and the expression of Shuteng's thanks and best wishes. 's Shuteng in a personal statement said: "for me, this is a good chance. Joining Georgia is good for my career and my family. I am excited to be able to join such an excellent school and work with a lot of excellent coaches and staff. I am looking forward to helping those young people to have a positive impact on them, from the sports, academic, social and other aspects of helping them. the past 3 seasons, Shuteng's RAM has been the offensive coordinator, however the total score of the team were ranked twenty-first and twenty-fifth twenty-first in the league. Shuteng's always can not show the reason of their ability in team quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) have always been plagued by injuries. He last played in the regular season, or in the October of the 2013 season. Although from a tactical perspective, Shuteng's does not bring much change to the ram, but his ability has always been recognized by the team and the fans. At present, this talented young team needs a new coordinator to stimulate their potential.Central base |2015 National Women's softball Champions Cup 2015 - Ming Yu Sheng Jing Xincheng Cup National Women's Softball Championship in March 31st in the beautiful Yunnan Xishuangbanna hand curved rod base training base at. Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong, Sichuan and the people's Liberation Army a total of 9 teams participated in the 8 days of competition, the competition is the second winter this year after the first official national competition. teams are encouraged to cultivate young pitchers and create more chances for them, Chinese Softball Association after full deliberation, decided to make a useful attempt, the competition approaches to reform: first, to increase the number of team members, can offer 3-5 shots per team, two hands; during one cycle of the preliminaries, do not perform leading rules ahead of the end of the game, the game was played to 7, three limit per Bureau; pitcher per game up innings and the single round robin at least outs. championship after the division will continue to host Banna National Youth Championships in 2015 and a youth qualifying.

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