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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas 2018 Russia world cup official ball into a new spherical design, the ball will be in 2017 and later officially meet you. The new Adidas 2018 World Cup official competition will be tested by players in the 2017 World Cup finals. Yesterday's FIFA FIFA LAN-STAR Youth Cup final, football stars of the future have already experienced a new match ball.Missouri Ferguson's continuing parade riots lasts for many days, and some Saint Louis goats have decided to do something about it. so on the opening stage of Sunday's game, we saw 5 rams' players entering the stadium with the gesture of "raise their hands not to shoot" as mourning for the dead protesters. this is the spirit of sport that needs to be conveyed, and to remove the identity of their sportsmen, all this will happen all over the world. But cheap nfl jerseys free shipping it seems that the police in Saint Louis are not very happy. In fact, they think the players, the rams and even the NFL League should be punished, that sounds like a little weird. , this is their notice: "the Saint Louis police department is very disappointed about the behavior of the players in Saint Louis rams. They are stripped of the police system outside the society, which is the offense and accusation to the police."The official website of NFL | receiver Amendola agreed to pay in the Patriot | Rugby receive less salary to stay in the new England patriots? Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola) accepted the arrangement. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday that the foreign player agreed to rebuild his two-year contract, which now allows him to earn 7 million 350 thousand dollars salary and an extra 750 thousand dollars bonus. and he could earn 12 million dollars in the next two years, which will be a huge salary cut for Amendola who will compete with Chris Hogan Chris. Amendola last season to accept a pay cut, but his performance exceeded $1 million 500 thousand last season, he finished the ball 65 catches 648 yards and 3 touchdowns. If he refused to cut the salary, Amen Dora would certainly be cut off. Aigo wide receiver position now overcrowded, but may still be Amendola and Hogan and Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) partner get playing time. Tight end rob 'excellent performance in Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) and athletic running back Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) also in the array in the case of quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the next season, there are a large number of offensive weapons to destroy the the court of appeal restored the Union for the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) after the ban, the New Orleans saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Drew Brees) Tuesday bomb NFL President Roger - Guder (Roger Goodell) power. he said Godell served as judge, jury and the ability of law enforcement "for NFL" has become an evil member of the herd". "I think we all agree that the power in his hands is sure to be too big," Bracey said. "When it comes to punishments for players, he is a judge, a jury, and a law enforcement officer. I don't believe in any investigation led by any alliance. Such an investigation is not transparent. " "forget the problems that happen in the air door or this event, whatever you call it," Bracey said. "When I think the power of a president is challenged, there will be such a controversy. The League will do anything to make sure that they know that the president has the right to make such a unilateral decision. No one can do anything about it." has been a member of the NFL player Union Executive Committee for many years. Bracey has been questioning Godell's power since the saint was severely punished because of the 2012 bounty event. "we first witnessed it all in New Orleans," Bracey said. "From the point of view of the players and the fans, there is no trust in the league. There is nothing transparent in the punishment of such things. The punishment is closed. You always feel a dark box. Godell defended his power on Tuesday. He said, "we think it is very important for the president to protect the fairness of the competition. You cannot give such responsibilities to those who do not understand our business."

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