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The official website of NFL |2014 Hall of Fame Game giant vs Bill | football prospects Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist Football is back! after half a year, the 2014 season new high-profile finally returned to our field of vision, the time this Sunday, each season the first drama Hall of fame games will continue to be held in Ohio, the city of Canton, this year is the first week of the preseason game, although the appearance is important even less than the celebrity Famer, but it is indeed each season the first drama. Are you ready for you? Let American football take up part of our life. This year's Hall of fame by the New York Giants game against buffalo Bill, two teams can be regarded as the last century in 90s the old friend, they have met in the twenty-fifth super bowl, final 1 win over the New York giants Buffalo Bill, won the Lombardi cup. Then Bill entered the dormancy period, and there were few opportunities for the two sides to compete on the high stage. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? New York giant 1, Eli Manning to stage a comeback? the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping day before yesterday, the giants quarterback coach Danny (Danny Langsdorf) said Mr. rance, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) the new season of the ball hit rate to exceed 70%, this is the 80s San Francisco team of 49 legendary quarterback Steve young (Steve Young) top level can play in the peak period, this time in Lance Dov of course, talk to his intention, one is to stimulate Manning to play better, and of course also said that Manning now compared to last season has been greatly improved. last season, Manning came to the top 27 career cuts. Quarterback score 69.4 fell to the bottom of his career. How can it rise again in a summer? First of all his teammates have become more awesome, got up in front of attack this offseason, plus over position in their draft pick to the Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) to replace Hakim Nicks to Indiana (Hakeem Nicks), the only strong helper Manning. Is not weaker than last season. Coaching part, Ben Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) has become a new offensive coordinator. His style of teaching is more simple and crude. This may help Manning reduce the number of copies. If you don't believe that this system will change a short four minutes.NFL official website | pirates trading near end winger Tim Wright to | Lions Football Tim Wright, the near end front, has to change to the East. He was traded by Tampa Bay pirates to Detroit lions. Lions kicker Kell sent substitute - brindza (Kyle Brindza) in exchange. Brinza will have a short chance to compete for the pirate kicker. The pirates were still taking turns trying to try the kicker and they signed Connor Barth last week. could have been cut off when the team laid off to 75 people before the deal was completed. In spite of the fact that two of the new teams can't guarantee the ability to stay in the team, the deal gives the two people a better chance to compete for the team. The male has been seeking the reinforcement of Brandon - Patti (Brandon Pettigrew) and "the first round of the 2014 show Eric (Eric Ebron) - AI baulon depth behind. The height of 6 feet and 7 inches in passing target red zone Joseph Faria (Joseph Fauria) has been the No. three tight end, but he is difficult to keep healthy and did not have the color of performance in the pre-season game. pirates traded late for second consecutive years in August. Last year, the pirates traded Wright to the new England patriots and got the Logan Mankins (Logan Mankins). Wright is a patriot 26 times by the ball 259 yards and 6 touchdowns. He was the only player ever to have been traded more than once in the same team since 1995.The official website of NFL, Steelers tight end Green left for the next game, the injury list or football nest Return to Pittsburgh Steelers to usher in an offensive player in the next game against the Dallas cowboys. They activated the near - end winger ladus Green (Ladarius Green) from a list of injuries that were unable to get on the field. Green on Saturday before the activation deadline to enter the list, he was considered likely to play against the cowboys game. Many players and Green themselves say he has trained with the first line-up in this week's training. boss Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) will make the final decision, Green said in the weekend to discuss whether the appearance of the problem and the coach. Green left San Diego lightning in March this year, joined the Steelers in 4 years $20 million contract. But the offseason ankle surgery kept him out of training camp. He was occasionally troubled by a headache when he suffered multiple concussions during the period of lightning. Green and Tomlin has said the ankle is the only reason he was unable to play. He started training in October 25th, and after that, the team had 21 days to decide whether to activate him. he was here for a reason, the offensive coordinator Todd Harry (Todd Haley) said on Thursday. We are excited that he can finally return. I know he is excited to be able to play, but he has to finish this week's training, which is decided by the coach at the end of the week. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.UMBRO Paul, vice president of global marketing · Nugent (Paul Nugent) said: "the club motto" Arte et Blackburn Labore (master skills, hard work) "is consistent with UMBRO's values, we are very pleased to be able to re build a new partnership. Both UMBRO and Blackburn have a rich history, but we are not going to stagnate, and we are all committed to creating more moments for the fans. UMBRO has worked closely with the club to design a unique, traditional and fashionable new jersey. "

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