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Oakland attacker's card Lille Mike (Khalil Mack) won the best defensive player's honor last season, and he set a higher goal for herself in the new season. Mike didn't want the quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) for their name single season 30 sacks of the goal, he said: "this figure is what I said, but I don't want him to tell too many people, he knows how hard our training, we want to finish this record." Mike's career capture record is the 15 of the 2015 season, and last season he finished only 11 times. According to the analysis of the web site, Mike's pressure on the quarterback of his opponent was 64 times last season, that is to say he could have harvested more. this offseason Mike also participated in the Denver Broncos shoes von Miller (Von Miller) held at military forum, more than Red cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Star Alliance pass came to the scene, including retired DeMarcus wale (DeMarcus Ware) last season and captured and killed the first person data Vic (Vic Beasley), and. Mike said he learned a lot from will, "learn the ideas of everyone, and choose to share it with others."The official website of NFL | Lynch Tucao dissatisfaction was fined | football team everything seems that Sean Marshawn Marshawn doesn't care much about her fines, but our runner responded to the news of another fined man. According to the NFL media reported that Lynch was the League penalty $20 thousand, because he was completed 24 yard touchdown run after the ball, touch crotch celebrations, but he himself seems to take over her teammates Mathews caris (Chris Matthews) was fined more disgusted. Mathews was punished because he acted as an imitation when he ran into the battle zone with Lynch. Lynch must be punished 11 thousand dollars in the early December. So on Thursday, Lynch sent tweet Tucao Alliance: my team-mates applauded for my reaching the battle array, but I was fined. I feel very stressed about such an organization. but we ran Wei seems to be really wrong, so some people will put him out, and took over the reason Mathews was fine because he grabbed his crotch and the ball is Lynch after touchdown, so he is not in the applause for Mr. Lynch. At present, has been fined 100 thousand dollars for Lynch, because he refused to cooperate with the media reporters in January last year. During the coming of the Super Bowl Weekend, the media will meet more and more, and the fine may also rise.the rhythm of modern football is becoming more and more quickly, so the high visibility of football is very important, when Nike Ordem V rotation during the flight, flicker effect, help players see the flight of the ball, so that they can make quick response in the game. The sphere uses a new 3D printing ink technology to enhance texture and grip. The contrast of colors ensures that football has excellent visibility in the game. The same as thewhere are all the players of the new England patriots? The attack team, who has been wounded by the battalion of patriots, lacks two best players in Friday's training. quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) due to illness missed training. At the same time tight end rob kousky (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon due to personal reasons, the absence of training, but according to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - he reports, this will not affect the fate he played against Tennessee Titans game. doesn't need to be scared, Patriot fans - at least now. G Ron Kowski took part in full training on Thursday, and Brady since the 2008 season has not missed a regular season game. If the Patriots defeated the Titans and the Denver Broncos lost to Pittsburgh Steelers, they will ensure a bye in the first week of the playoffs, if this is Brady and Koski for glycopyrronium words are probably the result of. in the parallel universe or written by Boston fans in the novel, we feel that Marcus Kowski and Brady to observe the midnight Premiere of star wars and Brady drank too much wine. However, until the coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) I give the answer before we won't make too much speculation.

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