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In the battle against giants this week, the cowboy will lack the help of three key members of the defense team. Line guard Justin Durant (Justin Durant), defensive front line member David Erwin (David Irving) and Jiao Wei Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) will not go to New York with the team. Durant had not been in war since the concussion of the Thanksgiving Day, and he was also affected by illness and restricted to training. Erwin was diagnosed with concussion in the game last week and was absent from all training this week. Iskander Rick's back two transverse process fractures are expected to be absent from 1-2 games. The right Lager Collins (La 'El Collins) (back) is expected to fight. Brice Butler (Brice Butler) (foot) and defensive truncated front line Collins (Maliek Collins) (foot) were all listed as unable to confirm the possibility of war, but they went to New York with their team.NFL????|?????????????????????????|????? new England patriots received a third - time transaction in 12 months. Aigo Monday with a final round of the 2016 draft picks traded to the Chicago bears Xianwei Jean Bo Krstic (Jon Bostic). The bear team confirmed the deal on Tuesday. this is the rebuilt bear team that is not fit for the team's 3-4 defense second times in a day. A few hours ago, the bear team cheap nfl jerseys free shipping traded the Jared Alan (Jared Allen) of the four - degree selection of the best lineup to the Carolina panther. the deal is in the style of the patriot. They are in the trading deadline last year before trading, linebacker Ayers (Akeem Ayers) and Jonathan Casillas (Jonathan Casillas). Two people contributed to the patriot's winning fourth Super Bowl Champions. , a from the University of Florida, was selected in the second round of the 2013 draft. He started 17 games in the first two seasons. Though he showed his ability to fiercely attack his opponent in the rookie season, he quickly became a drag on the ball defense. He had not been able to finish the tackle in a timely manner. last year, the coaching team once thought of moving Bos Diqy from the middle line to the outside position. The current coach group chose Sia Maclay Lin (Shea McClellin) and the rookie Christian Jones (Christian Jones) as the middle line guards. if Bos Diqy plays an impressive role in patriot training, he will make patriots have more choices in their mixed defense system based on their opponents' strengths and weaknesses.even-even soccer equipment network the Bundesliga club Monchengladbach today officially launched a special preparation for the team in the new season Europa League champions Jersey player Christof Kramer and Andre · · Hahn appeared in the New Jersey advertising publicity, the team in the game for the first time against the Villarreal in New Jersey unveiled. New Jersey for the team to provideWang Weidong: | handball sports industry has set sail | national team is the core resources | hand Association in April 19th, by the Beijing sports science and technology development limited company sponsored the "power dream of sharing the glory of" the 35 national team gold resources promotion conference held in Beijing. Wang Weidong, director of the economic division of the State Sports General Administration, said that under the guidance of Document No. 46 of the State Council, under the joint efforts of all sectors of politics, production, learning and research, the sports industry has set sail, and the intangible assets of the national team have great social and economic value. China national teams each resource is the most core resources of sports industry, the best and the most valuable scarce resources, each session of the Olympic Games, Asian Games, world championships and other major international events, Chinese the national team's performance are the focus of national media and the global media and audience attention therefore, valuable marketing resources is also a large number of outstanding enterprises competing in the promotion conference, Chinese shooting team, China archery team, Chinese UFO team, a total of 35 teams Chinese gymnastics team gold medal national team. Wang Weidong first gave full recognition to the promotion conference. He indicated that sports intangible assets are the unique resources of the sports industry and an important part of the sports industry. With the rise of the sports industry upsurge in China, the importance and significance of the management of sports intangible assets are more prominent. Today's promotion meeting is exactly the embodiment of the 35 national teams implementing No. 46, actively promoting the supply side reform and effectively releasing the high quality industrial resources. Centralized introduction of resources is based on the needs of national team resources development, integrating the core resources of each project national team and concentrating on the beneficial attempt of business development. Help, gather parts into a whole intensive resources, effectively enlarge and enhance the national team of high-end resource value, to better serve the national sports team, and enterprises; help to regulate the national team development of intangible assets, effectively prevent the risk. Wang Weidong believes that the introduction of high-quality resources to the national team is to actively push forward the supply side reform, innovate the development mode of intangible assets, and effectively release the specific manifestation of high-quality industrial resources. Through the cooperation with famous brands on the field, they actively interact with the majority of sports enthusiasts in the popularization and promotion of the project, leading the upsurge of national fitness. With the help of sports events marketing and sports stars promotion, enterprises can accurately lock closely related consumer groups, and effectively enhance brand reputation and achieve common growth. Cooperation between both sides helps build a unified landing platform for sports intangible assets. Wang Weidong also stressed that in the national team to actively promote the development of intangible assets in the process, should pay attention to the relationship between coordination and deal with the China Olympic Committee, to clarify their respective development rights, achieve clear boundaries, promote each other, establish a common Chinese physical health to the image, expand common China sports marketing this cake. The project center should focus on the core resources, highlight the theme of the national team, the cooperation model of innovation and brand, and strengthen the sponsors.

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